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The Industrial revolution
In 1796, Louis and Henri Lauwick set up a factory to manufacture tapes and straps at Comines in France. The business was able to grow thanks to the local availability of high quality of cotton and linen products.
In 1853, Henri Gallant, local "genius" and Lauwick employee, developed a mechanical technique which enabled his employers to harness the power of steam for the first time.
It was a genuine revolution in the industry and caused a great deal of envy amongst the firm's competitors. Thanks to this invention, Henri Gallant became a partner in the business and, in 1891, bought the LAUWICK company and founded his own GALLANT company.
The tape empire

Having become France's leading tape manufacturing location, the factory was totally destroyed during the Great War.

The company then relocated to Bernay in the Eure region of Normandy, later moving to its current location at Roubaix. Each time, the new factory was equipped with the very latest machinery available and offered its employees conditions of service which were considered very avant-garde for the times. Albert Gallant's unusual approach and fertile imagination pervaded the company.

Unfortunately, he died at an early age in 1928, but not before he'd trained his son, also called Albert, the father of the current Chairman and Managing Director, Patrice Gallant.

The single-minded commitment to quality and innovation has been handed down from generation to generation for 200 years. In today's company, this spirit can be seen in our introduction of a stringent quality assurance system which ensures that our customers can be 100% confident in the performance of the products they buy from us.
Creativity, innovation and astute business judgement have formed the basis of the company's success since the day it was first created.
In January 2006, the company RUBANS GALLANT has been relocated in Comines.

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