Manufacturing resources
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"Today's company uses a wide range of ultra-modern manufacturing resources".
Continually upgraded and extended weaving equipment.
Dyeing and finishing equipment.
Cutting equipment for: fabrics, coated fabrics, elastomer sheets, etc.
Coating lines for a wide range of widths (from 10 mm. to 1750 mm.)
Calender press and glazing machines.
Special assembly machines
Fully equipped fabric, physical chemistry and electrical laboratory.
This constantly upgraded equipment enables us to research, design and manufacture special products which meet our customers' precise requirements. Typically, these include the following processes:
Waterproofing, breathable waterproofing, water-repellent, oil-repellent, anti-acid, anti-static and other special treatments to the customer's own formulation.
Dyeing, coating and finishing.
Cutting of all natural, artificial, synthetic, inorganic, woven, knitted, non-woven, coated, laminated, extruded and calendered materials.
Perforation, marking, assembly and making-up.

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