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"Many technical fibres are used in the products we manufacture".

Fibres used :

Cotton, linen, wool and/or other natural fibres
Polyamid, polyester, polypropylene
Aramids :

  • Meta-Aramid: Nomex
  • Polyamid imid : Kermel

High-performance fibres:

  • PPS : Ryton
  • Fluorocarbonated: Teflon
  • Glass fibre
  • Copper, stainless steel and galvanised fibres
  • Silica fibres
  • Mica fibres

    We check all our raw materials and finished products as part of our quality assurance program. This also enables us to track our products through every stage of production
    We manufacture in accordance with European and US standards (SIAR - OTAN - N.A.S.A. certification).
    Our Research and Development departments exercise the greatest discretion and confidentiality in sampling and testing the products we create for our customers.

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